Q. What is WebXL?
A. WebXL is our own inhouse web management system that controls your website.

Q. Who made WebXL?
A. WebXL was built by Barry Mitchell of Barry's Web Design (who is our founder and Principal Designer) to accommodate the needs of his web design clients. Barry has now made the system available to rent as a Pay As you Go system through WebXL!

Q. Is the WebXL system simple to use?
A. YES! We guarantee if you can point a mouse and type, you CAN use our system.

Q. Can I edit my website on the go?
A. YES! We have made our systems work on ALL tablets and computers and there is no software to download!

Q. Do i get a domain name with my website?
A. YES! You can have any .co.uk domain name that is available.

Q. I don't like or want a .co.uk domain. Can I have any other type of domain name?
A. Of course you can! We can register any available domain for you - we will charge you a small registration fee depending on the price we can get the domain name for.

Q. How long will my website to make live?
A. You can have a WebXL site right now - setup times are around 5 minutes!

Q. How many pages can I add to my website?
A. We do not restrict how many pages you add to your website! Add 100 pages if you like.

Q. How much web space can I use?
A. Unlike all other website design companies, we do not restrict your resources! Use what you need. It wont cost you any extra.

Q. Can WebXL write my content for me?
A. YES! We normally write the home page but if you need extra pages written we charge from £25 per page.

Q. I don't have any images, can you supply image for my site?
A. YES! We have access to over 3 million stock images for all types of businesses and industries. Images cost from £8 each. People normally have us buy 3 images for their website.

Q. Is there a minimum contract?
A. No - there is no minimum contract.

Q. Where will my website be hosted?
A. Our dedicated servers are in UK datacentres. We have built the servers from scratch for maximum reliability.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact us today on 01382 525896.